Nothing surpasses the classic charm of ceramic crockery when it comes to kitchenware, whether it’s serveware, kitchen equipment, or utensils. From stirring spoons to salad bowls, ceramic crockery adds a classic appeal and a sense of comfort to your kitchen.

And these handcrafted high-quality cooking items are frequently passed down from generation to generation.

Additionally, as more people become environmentally aware, they invest more in natural kitchen accessories that are long-lasting, which has increased the market popularity of ceramic crockery.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, ceramic crockery is also perfect for cooking and eating since many varieties of clay used to make utensils possess antibacterial characteristics that protect food from germs, bacteria, and mold.

However, because real clay absorbs water and has its own restrictions, the kind and quality of maintenance required differ from kitchen instruments made of other materials such as metal or plastic.

Ceramic cookware may survive for a long time, but it takes a lot of maintenance.

As a premium home décor item shop in Dehradun that manufactures a large number of ceramic handcrafted kitchen accessories, we at Hornbill and Hornbill understand how consumers might be confused about the cleaning procedure and care of ceramic crockery, therefore we hope this guide will help you learn some ideas.

From ceramic bowls to coasters, discover how to extend the life of ceramic kitchen items so that they seem as good as new for several generations.

Never Put Ceramic Utensils in The Dishwasher

Dishwashing ceramic crockery is a major no. Detergents, heat, and high water pressure can produce cracks/splits in these objects and deform the contents, permanently ruining them. As a result, always hand-wash them according to the guidelines below.

STEP 1: Hand-Wash with Some Detergent and Normal Water Right After Using

Simply soak the filthy dishes in hot water and gently scrub them with detergent. To remove any remaining particles from utensils, use a nylon or sponge cleaning pad. It is advised that you wipe them quickly after using them, especially if the food includes liquid or color.

STEP 2: Remove Excess Moisture

After washing, make sure to pat the utensils dry with a hand towel to eliminate any extra water. This will hasten the drying process and stop the utensil from soaking in too much water, which could cause it to expand and increase the likelihood that it will crack.

STEP 3: Allow Them to Air Dry Completely

After washing the dishes, simply let them air-dry naturally. Do not store them in cabinets until they are completely dry. Otherwise, the moisture trapped in between would not be able to dry, leading to the production of fractures and warps on the kitchenware over time. Therefore, always make sure to let items dry before putting them back in their places, whether they are coasters, platters, or bowls.

Never Let a Ceramic Kitchen Tool Soak in The Sink All Night

After a long day, the thought of putting dirty dishes in the sink to soak overnight after cooking is incredibly appealing! However, it is an absolute no-no for any form of ceramic utensils.

By leaving the dishes to soak, you are enabling the unclean residual food to soak in the clay with the water, which not only ruins the utensil by increasing the danger of breakage but also causes it to develop a strange smell and flavor that is impossible to remove. Furthermore, accumulating food particles in cracks poses a health danger by allowing germs to thrive and spread. So, if you want your vintage crockery and utensils to endure longer, wash them right away after use.


Taking care of ceramic crockery sounds exhausting but trust us, it is extremely important if you want them to last long.

So, the next time you think of leaving them overnight in the sink, remember what damage they could sustain.

Use these easy steps to take care of ceramic crockery and accessories! If you’re looking for sustainable kitchen accessories, tableware, and more, check out Hornbill and Hornbill’s kitchen collection exclusively at our store.