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About Us

About Us

The hornbillandhornbill.com website is an e-commerce platform for Hornbill & Hornbill, a leading Indian home decor network of outlets, which also owns The Five Hill Ceramics. Since our inception in 2006, we have progressed to become one of India’s major retailers, with a branch distribution throughout the country.

We at Hornbill & Hornbill understand that the customer expects excellent worth for money. We designed hornbillandhornbill.com as a modern eCommerce platform in order to assist customers in online shopping and transforming their homes into opulent residences.
Our unparalleled expertise in the tableware industries, which we have amassed over the decades led us to launch our luxury Crockery set shop in Dehradun. We actively pursue emerging styles and innovations that serves as the inspiration for providing you with the highest quality dinner set, ceramic crockery and home decor items.

We aspire to transform every space with aesthetics that complement modern lifestyles. To be able to offer the newest trends and uncompromising quality in our signature items at an economical cost, we forged solid partnerships with the region’s best manufacturers.
We are dedicated to optimizing our consumers’ shopping experiences, whether they purchase our products in our store or through this e-commerce venture. In order to provide a seamless retail experience, we are fusing online and in-store shopping. And we think consistency is key to this strategy’s success. Our employees are responsible for providing consistency on hornbillandhornbill.com as it does across our several stores across the nation. With the most recent retail technology at our disposal and highly qualified employees at every stage of the supply chain, we are able to provide outstanding customer service while remaining loyal to our original purpose of providing high-quality goods at reasonable rates.

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From the Founder Desk

Let’s travel back in time to see how things started. The saga began when the founding directors of Hornbill & Hornbill, Mr Mohammad Akif and Mr Gufran Ahmad, developed a keen interest in ceramic items and how they were employed to create exquisite dinnerware pieces. They are well-educated engineers who were running their well-established factories in the dairy and furnace industries. However, once they discovered how terracotta ceramics could be transformed into such gorgeous tabletop pieces, porcelain plates sets, fancy dinner plates, cutlery sets and the best high-end crockery sets, they decided to launch their own tableware and home furnishings brand. Later, Hornbill & Hornbill was founded with the aim of creating professional-grade dinnerware for consumers to offer them the regal feel they desire. Hornbill & Hornbill started its interim branch in Delhi in 2019 and launched a new branch in Dehradun in 2022 with the intention of steadily expanding both domestically and internationally. The vision of creating modern tableware was not confined to the design of the items; the founders also ensured that the virtues of ceramic products and the hygiene customers experience are unparalleled. It has been our conscientious endeavour to meticulously pick each of our exclusive and rare products in our collection. We attempt to incorporate our own magic into the creation of these exquisite items that enhance the splendour of your special occasions, so you keep coming back for more.

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