Whether you like flowers or not, we’re sure you have at least one flower container gracing the corners of your house. These centuries-old home décor items were utilized by our forefathers for generations and are found in many civilizations. We can now buy vases online with a single click in any style or material – geometrical or handcrafted in metal or ceramic, we have a plethora of these home décor objects at our disposal.

This classic antique showpiece for home decor has been employed as a decorative feature in our homes by everyone from our parents to their grandparents. Even if you look at images of old civilization ruins from throughout the world, you’ll see that they’re all covered in vases. Have you ever thought about why our predecessors made so many vases? Thanks to current technology, we now have a plethora of sturdy metal, ceramic, and plastic containers in our homes. However, people in ancient times did not have access to plastic and making a metal vessel took days. Ceramic, wood, cloth, stone, and woven baskets were the only easily available raw resources.

They, therefore, employed these materials to organically store food, water, and other stuff. Wooden and basket-weave jars were also utilized during the period, but they were not as durable since they decay more quickly. As a result, they began to make clay containers, eventually generating the vases we know today. They used them as house adornment as well as storage containers. Ceramic vases were not only beautiful as containers, but they were also durable. You can still discover a number of these designs that have lasted the test of time and are still in fine shape if you search old flower vases online.

Today, we are one search away from browsing their whole inventory and one click away from purchasing a vase online. However, the majority today utilizes them for adornment, whereas they may be utilized for a number of reasons if we draw inspiration from our forebears.

Vases are likewise reasonably priced, and you can buy these home décor items under 1000 in a range of styles.

Ways in Which Vases Were Used in Ancient Times

From the best home décor items shop in Dehradun, here are some examples of how vases were utilized in ancient times:

As a Pitcher or Glass

In ancient times, little vases were frequently used as cups or glasses, while bigger vases acted as pitchers for pouring various liquids. Kylix and Kanthoros were vase-like drinking cups popular in ancient Greece. Oinochoe was a vase-shaped wine storage container.

Grain Storage

Vases were also used in the Harappan civilization to store pulses and grains. The culture produced several exquisite vases, which may be seen in various Indian museums.

Water Storage

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, large vases were used to store water. During droughts, the water collected in these clay vases remained clean and cool for days.


Like us, our predecessors were interested in house design and aesthetics, and they frequently adorned their interiors with flower vases to exhibit fresh flowers.

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The way we decorated these beautiful home decor elements has evolved throughout time. Although the classic pairing of vases and flowers is ageless and unrivaled, markets nowadays are flooded with a vast array of vase fillers that allow homeowners to experiment with new looks. While finely constructed ceramic and metal vases can be shown alone, clear glass vases can be adorned with potpourri, coins, pearls, seashells, candles, and string lights.

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